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Shivani Jain, FitnessCubed

Shivani Jain, FitnessCubed
Founders: Arnav Dalmia, Shivani Jain, Ryota Sekine Company Description: FitnessCubed makes Cubii, an under-desk elliptical trainer with the goal of fighting the sitting disease common in today’s working lifestyle. Company Site:, Twitter, Facebook Date of interview: October 2014 Shivani Jain, FitnessCubedArt by Ch [...]

Katie Hench, Infiniteach

Katie Hench, Infiniteach
Founders: Katie Hench, Christopher Flint, Lally Daley Company Description: Infiniteach is developing autism solutions through technology and training. Company Site:, Facebook, Twitter Interview Date: November 2014 Katie Hench, InfiniteachArt by Rudy Salinas Katie Hench is one of the 3 co-founders of Infiniteach, a comp [...]

Claire Lew, Know Your Company

Claire Lew, Know Your Company Art by Jacy Nordmeyer
CEO: Claire Lew Company Description: Software that helps you learn something new and important about your company every week. Company Site: Date of Interview: November 2014 Claire Lew, Know Your CompanyArt by Jacy Nordmeyer Claire Lew is the CEO of Know Your Company. Claire and I talked for a good 20 minutes befor [...]

Lauren Katzberg, TheStylisted

Laura Katzberg, TheStylisted
Founders: Lauren Katzberg and Julia Carmona Company Description: Online platform that allows women to book in-home hair styling and makeup appointments from a network of vetted beauty professionals. Company Site: Date of interview: October 2014 Lauren Katzberg, TheStylistedArt by: Meghann Rosales of Nails Yall an [...]