Sharing founder stories and artist talents to collaborate and inspire. (Peter is a character from an NBC Heroes television show who has the power to mimic and absorb the super powers of those around him. If he surrounds himself by the right people and talents, he is essentially unstoppable. Let's be unstoppable.)

Throw Back Thursdays (April 2015)


On contributing to the community:

“Here you have an opportunity to be part of the community in a bigger way. When you have all these people coming to do something they believe in – it creates community. You’re providing people a way to do fitness that is fun, exciting and addictive in a good way.” – Jeremy Balboni, Brooklyn Boulders

“Uber said every car in this world can be a taxi. I’m saying everyone in this world can be a mentor. We believe that everybody can be an expert to at least a few other people in this world.” Deepak Goel, KarmaCircles

On making it happen:

“You eat what you kill and you are judged by the strength or weaknesses of your decisions.” Jeremy Balboni, Brooklyn Boulders

“It’s not about taking short cuts – it’s just going to be hard. But you can power through it.” Aaron Frazin, Charlie App

“Own your ‘badassery’ and go do something.” – Shannon Downey, Pivotal Production

On balance:

“There’s all this talk about work/life balance. But I think we’re more in need of digital/analog balance.” Shannon Downey, Pivotal Production


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