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Throw Back Thursdays (Jan 2015)


Introducing Throw Back Thursdays, a monthly recap of favorite quotes from interviews published in a previous month.

On what inspires:

“I’m driven by passion. That’s what gets me excited, that’s what gets me up every morning. It’s totally random – it touches my heart and I become passionate about it.” – Jimmy Odom, WeDeliver

On moving from corporate to startup:

“I sleep better now than I slept then.”- Lauren Katzberg, TheStylisted

On learning:

“What you’ll learn is that you don’t know how to do anything at first” – Jeremy Klein, Table SAVVY

“Starting out – you have impostor syndrome……. I’m surprised at how good at it I’ve become.” – Claire Lew, Know Your Company

On co-founders and team:

“Developing a team in the early stages – those were just collisions – meeting people in the environment and seeing who you stick with through gravitational pulls. – Jimmy Odom, WeDeliver

“We’ve been told our biggest asset is our dynamic.” – Lauren Katzberg, TheStylisted

On asking for help:

“How will people know how to help me if they don’t know what I’m doing?” – Jeremy Klein, Table SAVVY

“If someone had told me that your main job was asking for favors, I wouldn’t have thought it was a good fit for me. It’s good they didn’t tell me. – Lauren Katzberg, TheStylisted

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