Sharing founder stories and artist talents to collaborate and inspire. (Peter is a character from an NBC Heroes television show who has the power to mimic and absorb the super powers of those around him. If he surrounds himself by the right people and talents, he is essentially unstoppable. Let's be unstoppable.)

Throw Back Thursdays (March 2015)

On making an impact:

“The power of the meal helps the community.” – Jay Savsani, Meal Sharing

“Wake up and ask yourself, ‘What are you doing today?’ Are you on a path where you are inspiring others and enabling others to to be more awesome at whatever they’re trying to do? If not, time to move on. If so, keep plugging away.” – Neal Sales-Griffin, Starter League

“Look inside your fridges and think about how you can buy smart, use smart and store smart so you have less food waste in their homes.” – Raj Karmani, Zero Percent


On opportunity:

“I’m not going to run out of opportunities to pursue things to make better. I feel like I’ve unlocked some secret that’s hiding in plain sight.” – Neal Sales-Griffin, Starter League

“There’s nothing that makes me happier in this world than giving people the opportunity to do something they’re passionate about and to change the lives of others. It’s amazing to see people rally behind a cause that was just an idea a year and half ago.” – Tiffaney Florentine, Trodo